My fairly brief ownership of Juno has come to an end - after having advertised her for sale for eighteen months, someone finally bought her. I have other car projects requiring my attention and funds now. She's gone to a collector of British classic cars, who no doubt will understand her better than I ever [...]

Sorting out little niggles

I have been quite neglectful of updating our story here, which has not been uneventful. Soon after Juno was roadworthied and put on club permit, there was a bad incident where a garage petrol bowser had mistakenly been filled with diesel, leading to a few weeks off the road while the garage drained and cleaned [...]

Greetings from America 

My new keyring ornament arrived in the mail, complete with affable greeting - I do love American cursive.  You might expect that I'd go for a traditional keyring with the vehicle manufacturer's name or logo on it; that would be nice of course, but typically I like to use a little wit in my selection, [...]

A little less condensation 

There was a problem with condensation in the tail lights; I disassembled them to find the original foam gasket looking the worse for wear, so ordered a new set from the Rover Car Club of Australia and installed them all the way round. I also discovered that one of the thin metal semicircles (to eliminate [...]

Sounds good!

Among some Sunday afternoon jobs was installing a different stereo from the one that was in the car when I bought it (but which was not working). Paul showed me some options from the parts cars we have, and others for sale online. In the end, I decided on this early-'90s Philips unit that was [...]

She’s Got the Jack 

While we wait for parts to arrive for some of the front end work to be done, Paul got underneath to remove the leaky muffler to be repaired. The wind-up jack and easy jacking points are as nice to use as the Citroen's, though the Rover uses a more conventional arrangement. 

A nod is as good as a wink 

You would think I would have learned by now to get it in writing. I took Juno to have a pre-roadworthy inspection check, which is an option (in Victoria, at least) so you have a list of things to be fixed prior to getting the roadworthy certificate necessary to register a vehicle. Due to having [...]

The party is over…

(Well, the first roadtrip is, anyway!) In July, after my attention had wandered from Citroëns to Rovers, I posed this question on the Citroën forum: Goddess vs Rover P6: discuss?  Through many comments and a surprising amount of encouragement, we made some wonderful contacts and gained confidence in the ability of a good P6 to [...]